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【Notice】 2017 Taipei Internat 2017/04/28
From April 28 onwards, 2017 Taipei International Design Award will start receiving submissions from designers across the globe. This year sees the 10th anniversary of the Taipei International Design Award, invi...... more

【Notice】 Winners of 2016 Tai 2016/11/04
2016 臺北設計獎得獎名單 Winners of 2016 Taipei International Design Award 臺北市長獎 Taipei City Mayor Award 國籍 Nationality 作者姓名 Designer 作品名稱...... more

【Notice】 AWARD CEREMONY OF TH 2016/10/17
  DO YOU WANT TO KOWN WHO IS THE WINNER OF THE TAPEI INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD 2016? The award ceremony of the Taipei International Design Award 2016. We sincerely invite you to join ...... more

【Notice】 The finalist of 2016 2016/09/09
The finalist of 2016 Taipei International Design Award has been announced, please visit our website to vote and select your No.1. immediately.   ◆Website: http://www.taipeidaward.taipei/vote2016...... more

【Notice】 The finalist of 2016 2016/09/07
2016臺北設計獎入圍名單 The finalist of 2016 Taipei International Design Award  工業設計類Industrial Design ※以下排列按照序號,非票數。Sort by Series no., not votes. 序 No ...... more

【Notice】 The completion of en 2016/05/20
Entries must be original creations of the contestants; except for those in the category of Taipei Mayor Award, entries shall be completed after June 30, 2014. Welcome everyone to submit their works. ...... more

【Notice】 2016 Taipei Internat 2016/05/13
Made in Taiwan, a windbreakers for heavy motorcyclists swiftly swells into an airbag when detecting the risk of strike in order to reduce car accidents. This is design in Taipei. In recent years, creativity ...... more

【Notice】 Taipei International 2016/05/11
Do you believe that you can also change the world? Use your imagination on the city and life now. Let’s create the urban vitality through design!Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Governme...... more

【Promotion】 【Notice】 2016 Taipei 2016/03/16
Start of Registration:May 12th   Objective:We would like to encourage using design to provide its users with a safer, harmonious, and more convenient lifestyle.   Categories:Industr...... more

【Promotion】 2015 Taipei Internat 2015/12/01
  2015 Taipei International Design Award Bring the wonderful imagination to this world    After the long professional selection by our international judges, the winners lis...... more

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