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Competition Details

* Reminder

  1. No extra fees will be charged for registration, exhibition of award winning works and inclusion in the themed journal.
  2. All contestants, regardless of whether they are professional designers, students or non-designers participate under the same rules and terms of this competition and have equal right to receive the same prizes.
  3. Contestants
    • The intellectual property right shall remain the property of the contestant.
    • Contestants must provide detailed text and pictures of their creation for future presentation or publication.
    • Before submission to the competition, it is the responsibility of the contestant to confirm and protect the design intellectual property of his/her work before exhibition in public.
    • When selected to the final rounds, the mockups (or actual works) submitted and intellectual property right will be transferred to the Taipei City Government.
    • The competition provides assistance in applications for Intellectual Property Rights of ROC for domestic winners.
    • The drawings and designs are to be prepared by or under the self-supervision of the entrant;
    • The entrant agree to abide by the rules of the competition as determined by the organizer and accept that the judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into;
    • The entrant shall provide all reasonable information and actual production samples of the entry (if required) for further examination and exhibition as required;
    • The entrant acknowledges that the organizer’s stipulated conditions for the return of work;
    • That the entrant warrants that the information supplied in relation to the competition is correct and complete and that any personal information provided by the applicant will be used in accordance with the organizer’s privacy policy;.
    • The entrant understands that their application and works may be used by the organizers in activities and propaganda related to the competition (e.g. publicity, exhibition tours, and publishing or commissioned publishing).
    • By submitting an entry, the applicant agrees to the content of the guide book.
    • Details about the People’s Choice Award will be posted on the official website.
    • Contestants mailing their works are responsible for all incurred costs including the shipping fee and custom duties. In order to avoid extended period of time for clearing customs, causing delay in delivery, it is advised not fill in more than USD$ 50 value of the entry works.
    • Contestants are required to submit design works according to the stated specifications. Please carefully read through the guide book and follow all the rules and requirements.
    • To avoid damage during transportation, please firmly pack all your models and graphic works. The organizer or event executor will not be liable for any damage caused by improper packaging during transportation.
    • For a smoother judging process, all entries are required to have an English work description to serve as reference for international judges.
    • All entries are required to attach the “Declaration of Intellectual Property Rights” to state that the created work does not violate any intellectual property rights.
    • Contestants should specify upon application whether they agree to provide their personal and design information on website for future business contacts.
  4. Award Winners
    • The final list of award winners will be confirmed by the judge panel and award winners will be informed by the organizer within 15 days after the final decision.
    • Absent or addition of award winners permitted when the judge panel sees fit. The judge panel also reserves     the right to change the prize or the award granted.
    • Cash or other prizes worth of 20,000 NTD or more are subject to a tax deduction according to R.O.C.’s income tax law. (10% for nationals and 20% for foreigners). Taipei City Government will process the payment within one month of the announcement of the jury's decision, although the receipt of payment may take up to two months.
    • The organizer is also responsible for handling any currency restrictions to ensure timely payment is made.
    • The prize money does not include acquiring of designer's intellectual property right..
    • The names of all winners will be placed on the official website to allow businesses to contact them for future design projects.
    • It is not intended that the winning design be reproduced by the organizer.
    • There is no design development and therefore no fee by the organizer.
    • For Taipei City Mayor Award, Golden Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, Social Design Award, Applied Design Award, or Inclusive Design Award winners of foreign nationality other than the host country, the organizer will invite the individual contestant or one representative of the winning group to attend the award ceremony and provide plane ticket, accommodation, and reception fees; the maximum number of foreign contestants invited to the ceremony is 6 people. Award winners will be invited in sequence of the Gold, Silver, to Bronze prizes in their category.
    • The organizer reserves the right to use the entries for promotional purposes for a period of one year. No commercial interest will be involved. The promotion plan in 2018 includes 1 public exhibition, issue of 1 special catalogue, and other media promotions. Contestants shall not claim for any payment.
  5. All award winners will be requested to provide additional files or information for exhibitions and publication use. In order to meet the specifications of International Competition, contestants may be asked to submit additional information/works.
  6. We only promote the winner’s design works. All non-winning works will not be used or published.
  7. Disqualification
    • Author’s name, company or other markings that might influence the fairness of judging must not be made on the entrance design sketches or files, any violators will be disqualified.
    • Any entry on the final list, or awarded entry accused and/or exposed with sufficient evidence, for being completed before June 30, 2016, the event executor shall withdraw its place and retrieve all prizes awarded.
    • Entrants failing to submit the mockups, CD-Rom and documents in electronic files required for the final selection before the deadline will be disqualified.
    • Any entry on the final list, or awarded entry accused and/or exposed with sufficient evidence, for unoriginality or infringement of other people’s work, the event executor shall withdraw its place and retrieve all prizes awarded.
    • Any entry on the final list, or awarded entry accused and/or exposed with sufficient evidence, for plagiarizing or infringing intellectual property rights and ruled guilty by the court of law, or where the judge panel deliberates based on obvious facts, the event executor shall withdraw its place and retrieve all prizes awarded.
    • Judges and their relatives, and associated companies are prohibited from entering their works in the design competition and shall not directly or indirectly provide any assistance or consultation to the contestants.
    • Contestants and their relatives, colleagues, associated companies directly or indirectly concerned with the judging process, and providing assistance or consultation in any way to contestants will result in automatically disqualification from the competition.
  8. For issues that arise after this document is completed, the event executor is liable for making corrections or additions when necessary. All details to be announced on the official website

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