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Competition Details

* Prizes
The total award amounts to NT$3,800,000. The award for each category is listed below

Category Awards Category
Industrial Design Visual Communication Design Public Space Design
Taipei City Mayor Award 1 in total
Golden Award
(NTD 600,000)
1 1 1
Silver Award
(NTD 200,000)
1 1 1
Bronze Award
(NTD 150,000)
1 1 1
ico-D Special Award - 1 -
IFI Special Award - - 1
Inclusive Design Award (NTD 200,000) An additional NTD 300,000 will be awarded if the winner authorizes the organizer to implement the winning work and serves as the design consultant. 1 in total
Social Design
(NT$ 120,000)
1 in total
Applied Design Award
(NT$ 120,000)
1 in total
Judges’ Special Award
(NTD 12,000)
5 5 5
People's Choice Award
(NTD 10,000)
1 1 1
Sponsors Award to be adjusted according to total sponsored
Distinction several per category
  1. Aside from the cash prize, the Taipei City Mayor Award /Golden/Silver/Bronze/ico-D Special/IFI Special/Judges’ Special/Social Design Award/Applied Design Award/Inclusive Design Award winners will also receive a trophy and a certificate of recognition; the Sponsors, Distinction and People’s Choice Awards will receive a certificate of recognition.
  2. Absent or addition of award winners permitted when the judge panel sees fit. The judge panel also reserves the right to change the prize or the award granted.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to adjust content and quantity of Sponsors Awards.
  4. The names of all the winners will be announced on the official website to allow businesses to contact them for future design projects.

Taipei City Mayor Award
This is presented to the work that targets the Taipei City for its design service and submits -- from the perspectives of urban developments, life of city residents, and public services -- the creative design proposal with the most impact on users and on urban sustainability. The presentation of the proposal is not limited to merely conceptual planning or existing schemes under execution.
Note: this Award following the above definition will be selected out of all works of the finalists.

Social Design Award
This is presented to the work designed under the premise of creating public interests and applying design thinking, given limited resources, to shed light on social issues pending urgent improvement, with design approaches at the core to solve problems inevitably confronting the people, society or city, while exercising the impact of design.

Applied Design Award
This is presented to the work able to break the status quo, make use of new materials, simplify production procedures, advanced applications to create its commercial value and further improve life quality.

Inclusive Design Award
This is a new award for 2018 Taipei International Design Award. This year's theme is playground equipment or playgrounds. Mainstream products or services are designed to be used or acquired by more people within a reasonable range without special adjustment or design. To meet various needs of users, works shall be inclusively designed based on the following seven principles: be Fair, be Inclusive, be Smart, be Independent, be Safe, be Active, and be Comfortable.

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