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Competition Details

* Selection Process

  1. Principle for Judge Panel:
    • The organizer shall invite local and international experts according to contest categories as judge panel.
    • The international judge panel for each category will consist of experts (7 in preliminary selection, and 5 in final selection) who come from more than two different nationalities.
    • The organizer reserves the right to change the members of the judge panel in case of illness or unforeseeable circumstances.
    • The organizing committee's responsibilities will be published with the jury.
  2. Method of Selection:
    • Inspection of Qualifications: Inspection on submitted works, including qualifications, documents, format of entries and etc.
    • Preliminary Selection: In order to reduce waste caused by printing or mailing of entries, preliminary selection will be conducted via our electronic platform. The organizer is responsible for passing all eligible submissions to the jury. The Judge Panel will evaluate the works based on files sent by entrants and select 10% to 15% of all entries within each category to enter the next round, where 17 to 23 pieces for each category will be selected as finalists.
    • Final Selection: For the Industrial Design category, evaluation will be based on the actual physical works, mockups or 3D animations. For the Visual Communication Design category, evaluation will be based on the actual physical work or the poster printout in compliance with sizes/specifications requirements. Public Space Design category evaluation will be based on the mockups, or 3D animations, or poster printouts in compliance with sizes/specifications requirements.
    • People’s Choice Award Voting: For works of the finalists, each person gets one vote for each category. The entry with the most votes from each category will be the winner of the People’s Choice Award.
  3. Evaluation Criteria:
    Assessment Criteria Description
    Creativity ‧Creativity, innovation
    Functionality ‧Innovative application of functions, materials and techniques
    ‧Sophistication of the mockups
    Applicability ‧Use of new materials to reduce pollution and solve daily life hassles.
    ‧Level of commercialization
    Aesthetics ‧Visual attraction and aesthetical interpretation
    (1) The organizer guarantees that the judging process will be conducted in a fair and impartial procedure and guarantees that it will not influence the judge panel during the judging process.
    (2) The juror’s decision is final and abiding, no third party correspondence (jury and contestants) will change the decision, and that by participating in the competition, jury and entrants agree to this process.

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